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From "Rory Winston" <>
Subject RE: Commons::Net Wiki
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 16:59:59 GMT
OK, that sounds great. Thanks for the support.


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From: Daniel F. Savarese []
Sent: 15 April 2004 17:45
To: 'Jakarta Commons Developers List'
Subject: Re: Commons::Net Wiki 

In message <000701c4226f$85ea3710$8083b251@tom>, "Rory Winston" writes:
>well - day job permitting). I am not a committer as of yet - I do
>realize that you mentioned making me a committer before - what would it
>take to get myself on the committers list? AIUI, it's a voting process
>by existing committers?

We just need to hold a vote and inform the PMC of the vote results.
After you're voted in, you need to FAX or snail mail a CLA to the phone/address listed
on the CLA.  Once that's received, we send a request to infrastructure
(cc'ed to the PMC) to create an account for you with commit privileges
to Jakarta Commons.  Then you'll have commit access and I won't have
to apply your patches anymore :)

Even though I'm in a responsibility shirking mode, a call for votes
will save me more time (e.g., you can apply your message threading
patch) than it will cost me :)  I just wish I had been following
the digest more closely so I could have contributed my vote to
Mario Ivankovits (not that he didn't have enough votes already).


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