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From "Mike George" <>
Subject [net] Question regarding setup for tests for the POP3 module
Date Sat, 24 Apr 2004 23:28:07 GMT
	I'm writing tests for the POP3 and SMTP modules.  These modules must
connect to POP3 and SMTP servers in order to be fully tested.

	Currently, I am using a default installation of James running on localhost
with a user named test.  This seems to work pretty well for me but might
introduce an unwelcome dependency for people who want to run the tests.

	(1) Should I write the tests and hardcode in 'localhost', 'user=test' and
	(2) Should I make a small class named POP3TestConstants and set the values
there for the server, user and password there? Future testers would have to
modify this class or a config file to run the tests on their machines?
	(3) Should I stick to unit tests that can be run without having to use a
server? (I think this would lead to a very incomplete set of tests.)

	or ???.  I'm open to advice.

	I appreciate any help.  I'm pretty new at this and would like to do things
the right way.



	In order to make

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