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From "Inger, Matthew" <>
Subject RE: COMMONS UPLOAD QUESTION "request.getParameter()"
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 16:39:54 GMT
Aha... That my friend is where proxy classes come in.
If you make an InvocationHandler implementation which would
take in the original request and the a DefaultFileItemFactory.
You could intercept requests to getParameter, getParameterNames,
getParameterValues, and getParameterMap.  Those would call methods
internal to your invocation handler.  Everything else would delegate
to the original request.  This would shield you from Servlet API
dependencies, since the java.lang.Proxy.newInstance method would build
your proxy instance based on whatever the runtime definition of the
HttpServletRequest class is.

If you're not familiar with proxy classes, please read up on
java.lang.Proxy, and java.lang.InvocationHandler.  Notice that
there is no depencency on what version of the servlet API is being
used.  I've used this strategy before to shield from JDBC

I can supply the full implementation if you'd like.  Barring any dissent,
i can post a patch to the tracker.

final class RequestWrapperInvocationHandler
        implements InvocationHandler
    private HttpServletRequest req;

    public RequestWrapperInvocationHandler(HttpServletRequest req,
                                           DefaultFileItemFactory factory)
        throws FileUploadException {
        this.req = req;
        this.factory = factory;


    [implementation details left out here]
    public Object invoke(Object proxy, Method method, Object[] args)
            throws Throwable
        if (method.getName().equals("getParameter"))
            return getParameter((String)args[0]);
        else if (method.getName().equals("getParameterValues"))
            return getParameterValues((String)args[0]);
        else if (method.getName().equals("getParameterNames"))
            return getParameterNames();
        else if (method.getName().equals("getParameterMap"))
            return getParameterMap();
            return method.invoke(req, args);

public final class RequestWrapper {
    private RequestWrapper () {


    public static final HttpServletRequest wrap(HttpServletRequest req,
        throws Exception {
        InvocationHandler handler = new RequestWrapperInvocationHandler(req,
        return (HttpServletRequest)Proxy.newProxyInstance(
                new Class[] { HttpServletRequest.class },

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Inger, Matthew []
> Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 2:19 PM
> To: 'Jakarta Commons Developers List'
> Subject: RE: COMMONS UPLOAD QUESTION "request.getParameter()"
> [snip] I would personally like to see an HttpServletRequest implementation
> provided which would take the original request, pass it to a FileUpload
> instance for parsing, and process the returned FileItem instances so that
> things like "getParameter()" and so forth would work properly.

That would look a lot like this, I assume:

The only problem with that is that it would introduce a Servlet 2.3
dependency, while FileUpload currently works in Servlet 2.2 applications.
Still, it's definitely a good idea, and could be part of a FileUpload 2.x
release, or potentially an optional add-on to a 1.x release.

Martin Cooper

> (hmm.... maybe i should just write that class).
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> From: []
> Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 4:20 PM
> To:
> Subject: COMMONS UPLOAD QUESTION "request.getParameter()"
> I have been searching the Internet for a practical Java-based uploading
> solution that is standardized. I have found that there are many Java apps
> and tools
> that people have built for this purpose but I find that each have their
> short
> falls and must be customized to perform my tasks. My tasks are not
> complicated at all, but apparently there is no information on how
> to perform
> these task
> in the JavaDocs or even newsgroups. Here is what I am looking to do:
> I need to input the fields from this for into my database which
> is perfectly
> normalized.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> upload.jsp
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> <HTML>
> <HEAD>
> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
> </HEAD>
> <BODY style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">
>     <FORM method="POST" action="add_output.jsp"
> encrypt="multipart/form-data"
> >
> <TABLE align="left">
>         <TR>
>             <TD>
>             AUTHOR <INPUT type="text" name="author" size="20"
> maxlength="50"
> value=""></TD>
>         </TR>
>         <TR">
>             <TD>
>             ARTICLE SHORT DESCRIPTION <INPUT type="text"
> name="shortDescription" size="30" maxlength="100" value=""></TD>
>         </TR>
>         <TR>
>             <TD>
> name="longDescription"
> size="30" maxlength="120" value=""> *MAY BE NULL</TD>
>         </TR>
>         <TR>
>             <TD>
>             ARTICLE CONTENT <TEXTAREA name="articleContent" rows="20"
> cols="80"></TEXTAREA></TD>
>         </TR>
>         <TR>
>             <TD>
>             <INPUT type="FILE" name="FILE1" size="50"></TD>
>         </TR>
>         <TR>
>             <TD>
>             <INPUT type="submit" value="Insert" onClick=""><INPUT
> type="Reset"></TD>
>         </TR>
>     </TABLE>
>     </FORM>
> </BODY>
> </HTML>
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Here is the catch. I want to input the text fields directly in to their
> appropriate fields in the database but I want the file field to grab the
> file name
> and input that in the newly inputted row. I also need the file to uploaded
> to
> a file folder on my server. I know to pull the file name to input
> it in the
> database I need to use the getName() method. My problem is in the
> fact that
> I do
> not know which method I need to use to parse the other fields in
> my form. On
> my other forms for inputting info into my database I use JSP and
> I use the
> request.getParameter. As you know this does not work with the multipart
> encryption. In the JavaDocs it does not directly say which method
> should be
> called to
> parse this information. I chose commons specifically because it had a
> multipart
> parser in it. I also like the fact that it is somewhat
> standardized. I need
> to make sure that I do this right because I find that some many people on
> the
> Internet write bad code and I would perfer not to fall into that.
> I like to
> build most of my stuff in JSP and it is easy to change into servlets if I
> need
> to. I have tried a few other methods but I find them very sloppy. I tried
> the
> 3-Step approach. Where you have a data input JSP which then goes
> to another
> which parses the form and inputs the data into the database then calls the
> row
> that the data is in and places that info into a hidden field.
> Then that page
> displays the file input box for the user to select the file. Then
> once that
> form is submitted to the next JSP document it, in theory, is supposed to
> find
> the field in the database to insert the file name in the appropriate field
> and
> upload the document to a file on the server. I would appreciate it if you
> can
> steer me in the right direction or send me a snippet, or link to somewhere
> that
> documents this.
> Thank you very much,
> Matt Newman
> Student @ LACC
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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