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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] feature addition for jelly-tags-http
Date Sun, 18 Apr 2004 22:36:51 GMT

On 18-Apr-04, at 01:13 Uhr, korebantic wrote:
>> you indeed can but it typically pollutes the output
>> (so much that I'm
>> thinking of making a util:mute tag soon which would
>> /dev/nullify the
>> xml-output).
> Interesting. One thing that bothers me about the Jelly
> output is that no matter how many trim="true"
> attributes I use, I still get more whitespace then I
> want. Then I end up spending to much time trying to
> make the output pretty. So this tag would kill all
> output? What would the interaction be with
> jelly-tags-log? It would be nice to have something
> configurable -- then you could either get the
> behaviour Jelly gives now, or something more like a
> scripting language, where you have to explicitly call
> something like <echo> to get output.

As far as I know log-output and ant:echo are both directed to 
system.err and are, for sure, competely separate from the default 
It's easy to make your own mute tag, it's just, sooooo ugly:

<x:parse var="blop">
  I am some ${'junk'}some ${'blop'.class}o... far far...
  </x:parse><j:set var="blop" value="${null}"/>


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