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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: [net] commons-net.1.2.0-rc1
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 05:54:23 GMT
Ok, I can download your release candidate from

One remark, the NOTICE.txt is missing from the root directory and also 
  from the META-INF dir in the jar inside the binary distribution.

I changed some goals in here to fix that:*checkout*/jakarta-commons/commons-build/maven.xml

Note: Since the components don't extend the global project.xml anymore 
this fix isn't applied anymore.
(and should be copied to each component?)

But maybe there is a better way?

-- Dirk

Steve Cohen wrote:
> okay, I've pushed the site and built the candidate release.
> I have followed the instructions here:
> about uploading the candidate release:
> Now tag (for example FOO_1_2_RC1) and build distributions from that tag (as 
> per full release). For commons components, it's usually unnecessary to post 
> the release candidate on the main release site. (It's usually good enough to 
> upload it into the public folder ~/public_html in your home directory on 
> I have done this.  It's unclear to me that anyone else can access the release 
> there, so let me know.  This may once again be a case of stale instructions.
> Once I have a clear sense of "uploading the candidate release" I will propose 
> a vote on releasing 1.2.0.

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