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From Robert Leland <>
Subject Re: validator: email-validation not accepting german "umlaute"
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 02:39:33 GMT
Michael Davey wrote:

> So, there are at least three things going on here:
> 1.  The testcase above should fail in validator, but it doesn't 
> because the validation check isn't good enough.
> 2.  validator doesn't support punycode and doesn't support the 
> quoted-printable unicode encoding mechanism used in email addresses.
> 3.  The problem you describe in your emails.
> [1] could be fixed easily enough.  [2] could be fixed by enhancing 
> validator.  Your testcase shows that the problem isn't with validator, 
> so [1] and [2] are not really of consequence to you right now, but 
> they have got my interest.  After re-reading your original mail and 
> your latest mail together, I don't understand exactly what it is you 
> are trying to achieve - could you demonstrate with some code or 
> describe how you would demonstrate the problem to me?

If you look at the stripComments() there was an 
attempt to strip email comments based on a very succesfull perl 
unfortunately it's only a partial translation. If you are familar with 
perls ~=  and can translate that to Java using ORO and javascript then 
you'll have part of solution [2].

> If you are now fairly sure that the problem lies within Struts, it may 
> be beneficial to post to the struts mailing list and copy me personally.
> Cheers,


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