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From Rob Oxspring <>
Subject [CLI] Release plans
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:07:04 GMT
I'd like to merge the research branch back to HEAD so that the latest 
and greatest code is appearing in the nightly builds and so that the 
website starts to reflect an upcoming 2.0 release.  It would also mean 
that the 1.0 patches I applied last night would appear in the right place.

The only delaying factor here would be if people think we need another 
v1 release before deprecating the 1.0 code, in which case we'd probably 
want to create another branch pronto and put 1.x changes there.  I'm 
still fairly sure that this isn't a great idea but people still have 
time to lobby.

There's only one more api change that I'd like to make before releasing 
which is to promote a few methods from implementatins to interfaces:
These are needed purely to implement a new entry in Comparators to allow 
a solution to #26926 to be offered in cli2 terms.  This should be low 
impact and should be in cvs before the weekend.

 From there it's just a case of branching and tagging for a beta and 
release.  That and user docs.

If these things are all acceptable then I'll aim to propose a beta 
release for May 3rd, with weekly drumbeat releases until we're happy 
enough for a 2.0 final (with luck May 10th).

Hope that wasn't too disjoint.

Thoughts / Gotchas / etc?


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