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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [digester] TO-DO for release 1.6
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 01:17:52 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 12:40, Craig McClanahan wrote:
>>One additional issue was raised a while ago on the mailing list, and 
>>again with me in personal mail; we ship the DTDs for the RSS formats 
>>inside commons-digester.jar, but they have Netscape copyrights.  
>>Although  the precedent of allowing DTDs with non-Apache copyrights has 
>>been established elsewhere (W3C copyrights on some of the web services 
>>DTDs), I don't think we really need to ship the RSS stuff inside our JAR 
>>-- it's just a demo, after all.
>>There was talk at one time about moving the RSS stuff out into a 
>>src/examples directory, and packaging it in a separate JAR, but this 
>>hasn't been done yet.  Anyone have a problem with me doing this 
>>(probably late tonight)?
>That sounds good to me. I presume you will be keeping the same package
>names for the rss code?
That was my plan, so that any existing applications actually using it 
could just include the second JAR file as well.

>The examples stuff build approach is deliberately simple (just builds
>.class files inside the same dir as the source) to make it easy for
>users to then run the code. I don't know whether you'll want something
>more sophisticated for the rss stuff. 
I'll probably make it mirror the way we build the core classes (into a 
separate directory under "target", for example).  That way, we can even 
set it up to have example-specific unit tests, if any ever exist.

>Last weekend I sent an email suggesting a "src/extras" directory for
>things which are more than "examples" but not core code, and starting
>extras off with the rss stuff. Ant has an "extras" jar for example. But
>I'm happy with rss being either in "src/examples" or "src/extras"
>whichever you prefer.
I don't really think we need two addons .. it looks like 
"src/examples/rss" might be a good place for this set, because it's self 
contained and has enough classes that you wouldn't want to combine it.


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