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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject mixed content release issues [WAS Re: [digester] TO-DO for release 1.6]
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 20:42:20 GMT
On 13 Apr 2004, at 03:19, Simon Kitching wrote:
> Re "mixed content":
> * Justin, could you please post your proposed implementation either
>   on this list, or attached to the bugzilla entry? Or have a look
>   at my proposal and indicate whether that works for you?
> * Craig, you were going to have a look at this, I believe? All
>   comments welcome...
> * Robert, you said in an email: "i have some possible concerns but i'll
>   need to go through the proposed code". Can you spell out these
>   concerns?
> I'd be happy with a compromise on this feature. As the change has been
> committed to keep a stack of matched rules, I *believe* that digester
> subclasses can now override the startElement method to provide exactly
> what my patch does. So maybe we can just document this approach
> somewhere (eg by creating code in the examples subdir). I'll try to
> implement this approach soon, and post the code if successful.
> I think it would be nice in the long-term to provide "mixed content"
> support without subclassing digester, but for now the subclassing seems
> a reasonable solution.
> Any opinions?

documentation plus an example would be a good way to postpone the 
issue. it may be easier to decide on this after the release. it's 
probably not a big a priority (for me) as logging but maybe i'll round 
to it before the release happens.

- robert

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