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From Herve Quiroz <>
Subject Re: [math] Graph theory
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 12:16:51 GMT

That's pretty much what I was thinking of, some library to build graphs,
and then provide tools to:

- retrieve information, such as diameter
- determine if the graph is a simple graph, a multigraph, or a
- find paths between nodes according to various properties and
- perform operations on several graphs, such as vertex/edges coloring

Personally, I am working on routing functions for my PhD. So I
implemented a simple framework quite network-oriented, that is
specifically designed in this scope. This works great with grid
topologies and such "specific" networks as the diameter is hardcoded,
and the shortest paths are easy to find out. But then, when I will
implement more "generic" topologies, I will have to implement many
algorithms as well to find out shortest paths and so.

So I'm not saying I've got something to donate (yet) to the [math]
project. Still I'm asking if something has been planned in this extend.
As I will have to implement some of the stuff I spoke of above, I could
implement it for an existing framework if you had already designed one
within the [math] project.

Looking at the other messages on this thread, I see there is an interest
for such a library. So if you need my help, please tell me.

BTW, JGraph is too much tied to the UI in my opinion, adding complexity
to the core of the library where I would have coded UI stuff as an
external library (or a wrapper).


On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 09:50:11PM +0200, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> How do you compare your package to jGraph (which does not only drawing) 
> and othr packages that do visual drawing at the same time as other 
> functionalities.
> Maybe the name "graph-theory" is a bit vague... for exampe, I know I've 
> been looking very long for a package that could allow me to build 
> combinatorial graphs and would then allow me to compute the distance 
> between subsets... I've never found that.
> paul
> On 19-Apr-04, at 21:07 Uhr, Herve Quiroz wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >
> >Is there something planned regarding graph theory within the [math]
> >project?
> >
> >I'm asking because I'm coding a network simulator and I have been
> >looking for such a package for a while. Now I've implemented my own
> >(quite limited and specific) package. Still, if someone already planned
> >something similar in the [math] package, I may contribute instead of
> >re-inventing the wheel (once again)...
> >
> >Herve
> >
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