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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/digester RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:18:40 GMT
skitching    2004/04/19 02:18:39

  Modified:    digester RELEASE-NOTES.txt
  Draft of 1.6 release notes. Still a little work to be done on this.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.11      +195 -39   jakarta-commons/digester/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
  Index: RELEASE-NOTES.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/digester/RELEASE-NOTES.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- RELEASE-NOTES.txt	25 Apr 2003 09:26:45 -0000	1.10
  +++ RELEASE-NOTES.txt	19 Apr 2004 09:18:39 -0000	1.11
  @@ -2,68 +2,224 @@
                             Commons Digester Package
  -                                Version 1.5
  +                                Version 1.6
                                  Release Notes
  -This is an important maintenance release. The Digester 1.4.x releases were not fully backwards

  -compatible with previous Digester releases. This release fixes the reported incompatibilities.

  +This is mostly a feature release. A few minor bugs have been fixed (as listed
  +below) but Digester 1.5 proved a very stable release.
  +Previously, Digester required the collections library, simply for a single 
  +class: ArrayStack. To avoid depending explicitly on the commons-collections 
  +library, a copy of this class has been made within the digester library. All 
  +places which once used the collections version now use the digester version. 
  +Unfortunately, this will require all user classes which subclass the
  +modified classes to be recompiled. The affected classes are:
  +  CallParamRule (member bodyTextStack)
  +  Digester (members bodyTexts, params and stack)
  +  FactoryCreateRule
  +  xmlrules.DigesterRuleParser
   Improved Java Docs
  +As usual, documentation has improved in this release. 
  -CallMethodRule Can Take Parameter From Stack
  -CallParamRule can now use an object from the main Digester stack as one of the parameters
for a 
  -CallMethodRule. This allows an object to be created (in the usual way) and then passed
into a 
  -method call taking more than one parameter.
  -Digester Document Locator Getter
  -Added property getter for the SAX Locator associated with the document being processed.
  -ExtendedBaseRules Ancestor Tail Matching
  -Extended pattern matching language by adding ancestor tail matching. This is response to
  -request #16350.
  -FactoryCreateRule No-Exception-Propagation Option
  -Added support for non-propagation of exceptions. This will (when the correct options are
set) allow 
  -a digestion to continue when an object creation has failed.
  +There is a new package org.apache.commons.digester.plugins which provides
  +the facility for rules to declare "plugin points" in the parsed xml at
  +which users can specify their own classes to be instantiated and potentially
  +configured via the same xml file. This allows xml configuration files to
  +be "user extendable", in the manner that log4j, ant, etc. are (though with
  +even more flexibility in many ways). See the package documentation for
  +more information.
  +Substitution and Variable Expansion
  +Via the Substitutor class and the Digester.setSubstitutor method, xml
  +attributes and element data can be manipulated before being seen by any
  +Rule instances. Taking advantage of this framework, a VariableSubstitutor
  +class is provided which allows the parsing app to set up a table of values
  +that can be referenced via "${varname}" syntax (and variants thereof) in 
  +the input xml. See the package documentation for 
  +org.apache.commons.digester.substitution for more information. 
  +Parser Feature Setter
  +The ParserFeatureSetterFactory class (plus the helper classes in the
  +new org.apache.commons.digester.parser package) provides a portable
  +mechanism for setting some parser features which have not yet been
  +standardised by JAXP or similar specifications. See the package
  +documentation for more information.
  +This new Rule class allows the "path" to the current xml node, or 
  +just the name of the current xml node, to be passed as a parameter
  +of a CallMethodRule.
  -This is a new Rules implementation. It allows a regular expression language (such as Jakarta-ORO
  -Jakarta-Regexp) to be used for pattern matching. An adapter interface allows the language
of choice
  -to be plugged in. A simple regex implementation is provided. 
  +Allows child elements to be mapped to bean properties, like the
  +SetPropertiesRule maps attributes to bean properties. Example:
  +  <widget>
  +    <width>1</width>
  +    <height>2</height>
  +    <label>Hello, World</label>
  +  </widget>
  +This could previously be done via the BeanPropertySetterRule and the
  +ExtendedBaseRules engine with trailing-wildcard support, but this
  +Rule can be used with the default Rules class.
  -RSS Classes Now Serializable
  +CallMethodRule target offset
  -The (object model) classes in org.apache.commons.digester.rss have now been made serializable.
  -they were intended to be used as a worked example, some people have found them useful and
wish to use
  -them in situations where serialization is required.
  +Constructors now exist on this rule to allow the target object on which the
  +method is invoked to be specified as an offset on the digester object stack.
  +Previously, CallMethodRule always targetted the top object on the stack. Note
  +that at the current time, factory methods for these constructors do not
  +exist on the Digester class; the Rule needs to be constructed directly then
  +added to the digester to access this (not commonly needed) functionality. 
  +CallMethodRule handling of return value from invoked method
  +A protected method "processMethodCallResult" on the CallMethodRule has
  +been created so that it is simple to subclass this Rule and override this
  +method to implement special checks or other processing of the return value
  +of a method invoked via this rule.
  -Improvement In Xml Rules
  -Added support for specifying a BeanPropertySetterRule when using XML Rules. This is enhancement
  +Digester lazy initialization
  +A new "initialize" method has been added that subclasses of Digester can
  +override to perform any initialization they wish to do before parsing
  +commences, but do not wish to do in the constructor.
  +Digester new Rule factory methods
  +Factory methods have been added for the new CallParamPathRule and
  +SetNestedPropertiesRule. A factory method for the pre-existing
  +ObjectParamRule class has also been added.
  +Note that the new Plugin rules do not have factory methods, nor do the
  +new variants on the CallMethodRule which take an "offset" parameter. Use of
  +these rules is considered rare enough that a factory method is not
  +necessary. This may be revised at a later time.
  +Named Stacks
  +The digester now provides push, pop, peek and isEmpty methods that take
  +a stack name as a parameter. These can be used for any purpose that new
  +Rule classes find useful. 
  +Param stack access now public
  +The previously package-scope methods for accessing the digester's parameter
  +stack are now public. This makes it possible for users to implement new
  +"call param" rules in their own namespace.
  +The createSAXException methods are now public
  +These previously protected methods are now public, so that Rule classes
  +(both user-implemented and in subpackages of Digester) can call them when
  +errors are encountered.
  +SAXLogger access
  +?? getSAXLogger and setSAXLogger have been added. They do ????????
  +Matched rules stack
  +New member "matches" on class Digester holds a stack where each element is a 
  +list of matching rules. When a child xml element is entered, the list of
  +matches is pushed onto the stack, and at end it is popped off. This
  +yields performance benefits, and potentially useful info for use by
  +rule classes.
  +Entity Resolver changes
  +The digester's default entity resolver behaviour is now to try resolving via
  +the SYSTEM id if the PUBLIC id is not present.
  +XMLRules new features
  +The ability to load rules from an InputSource has been added.
  +Support has been added for SetRootRule and ObjectParamRule.
  +The "context class loader" will be used, if one exists, when
  +resolving "include" statements in xmlrules files.
  +FromXmlRuleSet rulesets can now be added to a Digester instance 
  +starting at a base pattern specified by the caller.
  +A getCause() method has been added to the XmlLoadException class.
  +RuleSetBase allows patterns ending in '/'
  +The subject of this one says it all.
  -Added support for call-param from stack to xml rules. Enhancement requested as bug  #16413
  +New License
  +This release is done under the Apache License version 2.0.
  +Please see the LICENSE.TXT and NOTICE.TXT files in the distribution.
  +RSS Support
  +The RSS package present in previous distributions of Digester was only ever 
  +intended to be a "worked example", so the code has been moved to the
  +"src/examples/api/rss" directory within the CVS repository, and is no
  +longer part of the standard Digester binary distribution. However
  +the same package structure has been preserved, so any users who were using the
  +rss code in production should just have to compile the example code and
  +include that additional jar in the classpath.
  +Examples Added
  +Several examples have been added to CVS at src/examples, for the enlightenment
  +of new Digester users.
  +Author and Version javadoc tags removed
  +All @author tags were removed, as per Apache Foundation policy. A list of
  +all the developers and contributors involved in Digester can still be
  +found via the Digester website, or in the "project.xml" file in the base
  +directory of the Digester CVS repository.
  +All @version tags were removed as they were not considered to be useful.
  +Commons Collections dependency
  +The commons-collections library has recently undergone a major release.
  +While Digester is "officially" released with a declared dependency of
  +commons-collections 2.1, the code has been tested with version 3.0 of
  +this library and there are no known issues.
  +NoteCreateRule: end method was not popping digester stack
  +ExtendedBaseRules: ??? (see Robert)
  +#22131 SetPropertiesRule: Avoid NPE when debugging enabled and no top object
   Outstanding Reports:
  -#12997 Call the method as soon as the last parameter is encountered
  -#13098 Digester Performance
  -#3893 Multiple element body parts problem
  +#20903 ENH New rule for the digester (CallFactoryMethodRule)
  +#21903 ENH Include filename or uri if Digester.parse throws an exception

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