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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: Simple RPC Calls
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:16:47 GMT
Did you look at the Axis project ( ? Using 
the Axis API a remote call is as simple as this :

Service service = new Service();
Call call = (Call) service.createCall();
call.invoke(new Object[] {param1, param2, ...});

I haven't looked at Axis for quite some time, but I wouldn't be 
surprised if they provide a feature like the proxy you suggested now.

Emmanuel Bourg

Martin Kersten wrote:

> Hi there,
>    I am just a student from Germany (Magdeburg) and I have 
> written a very handy remote procedure call implementation. It 
> will replace a xml-solution currently connecting a server and
> an administrational GUI application over here.
> It turned out to be very small (about 6KB byte-code on 
> client side) and it's really simple.
> I googled the net before to find anything similar and all I've
> found was RMI, Hessian and Burlap (+SOAP and CORBA
> solutions). RMI tend to be overdoing (registery, stub creation 
> etc) and Hessian and Burlap seam not to allow overloading.
> So if I havn't missed any proper solution, I would like to add
> the little solution to the community reprosity. 
> The service interface is similar to Hessian but more 
> lightweight (in my oppinion). The main scenario is using
> a Servlet implementing an interface, creating a proxy on
> the client side and handle invocations by sending it
> to the servlet and receive the result of the operation.
> I currently port the old XML based solution to use 
> this simple one. It is session aware and works well. 
> I've also ported the calculator example used by 
> the jGuru tutorial about RMI: 
> The solution looks similar:
> public class CalculatorServlet 
>     extends SimpleRpcServlet implements Calculator {
>     //simple implementations of the methods needed
>     //to meet the requirements of the Calculator type
>     //looks like:
>     public long add(long a, long b) { 
>      return a + b; 
>     } 
> }
> The client side looks like:
> Calculator calculator=
>       (Calculator)ProxyFactory.getRemoteProxy(
>                   Calculator.class,
> "http://localhost:8080/simplermi.web/servlet/CalculatorServlet");
>  System.out.println("10 + 12 = "+calculator.add(10,12));
> That's it. Not Stub, no nothing. It works for any serializable 
> parameter, return value and throwable. Overloading is handled
> since the parameter types are added to the signature of the 
> invoked method. So calls to simpleCall(int) and simpleCall(Integer)
> are handled correctly and not mixed or anything like that.
> Really simple and the same can be done using 
> SocketConnections (didn't pushed it that far but it's the same
> anyways since the bi-connection is relaiable anyways). 
> It's simple and fast, which does not be that 
> kind of a matter when it comes to database operations anyway. ;-)
> Another interresting thing is, the solution uses a POST request 
> and uses a parameter to transmit the invocation informations. 
> So you can use any existing servlet and add support for RPCs 
> without modifications since the RPC is only issused when the 
> parameter is set the way it is required 
> (this behaviour can also be overridden as well :-)).
> The library itself is about 12kb in size currently 
> (WebService+client side) and the client side requires about 
> 6KB (4KB when zipped).
> If I missed a similar existing implementation, please tell me. I will
> drop my affords instantly then ;-). Since I didn't found anything, 
> I think it is a nice add ;)
> Thanks,
> Martin (Kersten),
> Germany,
> European Union

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