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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: DbUtils - OracleRowProcessor object
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 18:48:28 GMT
The DbUtils nightly builds include a more intelligent bean property to
column matching implementation.  Both of your issues should be fixed in
the nightlies.


--- "Catoe, Shawn" <> wrote:
> I work for a medium sized company in Texas.  We use Oracle databases and
> DbUtils.  We ran into several issues with Oracle databases.
> The first issue is that Oracle NUMBER comes back through the JDBC driver
> as java.math.BigDecimal.  Therefore, sets of numeric primitives in
> objects will fail to set.  An OracleRowProcessor was written to
> accommodate this fact.  The basis of it is this:
> If it fails to find a compatible method and the value is a BigDecimal,
> the code will then determine the numeric type of the parameter and
> invoke the method using the BigDecimal methods to pass that parameter
> type into the invoker.
> The second issue, which seems could be used in all row processors, was
> trying to set a method with an Object other than that methods member
> type.  The issue arose when we were trying to set a boolean primitive
> with a "true"/"false" String.  (Boolean.getBoolean(java.lang.String))
> The BasicRowProcessor determines that the String type is not of the
> Boolean type and therefore will not set the member in the Object.  In
> the OracleRowProcessor submitted, it will attempt to invoke on a method
> from the target that matches that method name and value class.  To say
> clearly, it will look for a method called setBoolean(String bool) to
> invoke.  This functionality might be useful in all RowProcessor
> implementations.
> The file <> is attached.
> Thank You,
> Shawn Catoe
> Free thinkers are dangerous.
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