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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [digester] TO-DO for release 1.6
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 00:58:28 GMT
On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 12:40, Craig McClanahan wrote:
> >
> One additional issue was raised a while ago on the mailing list, and 
> again with me in personal mail; we ship the DTDs for the RSS formats 
> inside commons-digester.jar, but they have Netscape copyrights.  
> Although  the precedent of allowing DTDs with non-Apache copyrights has 
> been established elsewhere (W3C copyrights on some of the web services 
> DTDs), I don't think we really need to ship the RSS stuff inside our JAR 
> -- it's just a demo, after all.
> There was talk at one time about moving the RSS stuff out into a 
> src/examples directory, and packaging it in a separate JAR, but this 
> hasn't been done yet.  Anyone have a problem with me doing this 
> (probably late tonight)?

That sounds good to me. I presume you will be keeping the same package
names for the rss code?

The examples stuff build approach is deliberately simple (just builds
.class files inside the same dir as the source) to make it easy for
users to then run the code. I don't know whether you'll want something
more sophisticated for the rss stuff. 

Last weekend I sent an email suggesting a "src/extras" directory for
things which are more than "examples" but not core code, and starting
extras off with the rss stuff. Ant has an "extras" jar for example. But
I'm happy with rss being either in "src/examples" or "src/extras"
whichever you prefer.



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