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From Oleg Kalnichevski <>
Subject RE: Commons server infrastructure proposal
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 17:41:35 GMT
> AFAICT even 1.5 NIO doesn't support SSL directly.
> The trick is to use the SSLEngine and drop the SSLServerSocket altogether.

Well, it does.

The trouble is that it may takes years for 1.5 to become mainstream.
Beat with a (biiiiiiiiig) stick, I still doubt 1.5 JDKs will be truly
useble in heavy duty server applications until release 1.5.2.

Otherwise, I am certainly +1 on the proposal, even though the size of
that plus pretty much depends upon my workload with HttpClient


> Also you said that the Geronimo can be the lead, but I doubt that it would
> provide the hookable protocol stack. There are lots of ASF projects that
> already have it's own server side code like you said.
> Each one of them has at least two common things, network layer and
> threadpool, but also each of the component lacks the things like connection
> hooks and protocol filters, and one cannot use any of them without pulling
> out and rewriting the code.
> Generally what I'd like to do is to make the generic server infrastructure
> that will inherently have SSL support and will be able to group the servers
> together.
> It will have at least couple of things like physical layer, threadpool,
> workers, connection hooks, protocol actors and most importantly it will not
> be bound to the tcp/ip protocol stack, so that one can build embedded
> servers just defining different physical communication layer.
> Having something like would IMO ease the building of server side
> applications.
> MT.
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