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From Efrain Klein <>
Subject VFS: Question on navigating SMB/CIFS filesystems
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 15:17:37 GMT
I've written a small application which uses VFS to navigate through
different filesystems.  So far I've had no problem navigating ftp and
local filesystems, yet I encounter a problem when trying to navigate
down into subdirectories of smb filesystems. 

When I attempt to resolve a uri for an smb filesystem to one of the
local windows boxen here by specifying a uri to the filesystem manager I
have no problem with viewing/accessing files at the top level of the
share, yet when I try to navigate down into the share is where my
trouble begins.  If I attempt to get a child with getChild(somesubdir)
it ends up returning a null FileObject, and when I use resolveFile(uri +
somesubdir) it returns a valid FileObject but when I try to list its
children it tells me it cannot list the contents of the folder.  I've
already determined that I can navigate through this filesystem without
any problem through other means: mounting the share locally, navigating
it through konqueror, etc.   I cannot find anything of the sort in the
documentation that mentions the need for special treatment of SMB
shares. Is there something I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance, folks!


Efrain Klein

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