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From "hammett" <>
Subject [DBCP] PoolManager + JTA simple implementation for local transactions
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 02:24:48 GMT
Hey guys!

I wonder if there is some activity on this subject around here. I already
developed something like that but I'm not very satisfied. In fact I'm having
some trouble with lot of simultaneos access in my pool implementation. I'd
like to migrate to DBCP Pool implementation (using an Avalon fa├žade) but it
should support transactional contexts.

An ordinary pool manages:
- Creating and recycling connections

An transactional pool:
- Creating and recycling connections within same transaction
- Kills the pool instance when transaction is over

On the other hand I think ASF doesn't provide a JTA implementation (of
course geronimo guys developed something) that can be used out-of-box. There
are projects out there (GPL) like XAPool and JOTM that does the same thing,
but with a lack of test cases and with an awkward architecture/design.

What do you guys think ?


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