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From "Martin Kersten" <Martin.Kers...@Student.Uni-Magdeburg.DE>
Subject Re: Simple RPC Calls
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 17:57:52 GMT
> > I have written a very handy remote procedure call implementation.
> > It turned out to be very small (about 6KB byte-code on
> > client side) and it's really simple.
> > I googled the net before to find anything similar and all I've
> > found was RMI, Hessian and Burlap (+SOAP and CORBA
> > solutions). RMI tend to be overdoing (registery, stub creation
> > etc) and Hessian and Burlap seam not to allow overloading.
> Have you seen XMLRPC ( and AltRMI
> (

I 've checked out XML-RPC but AltRMI I wasn't aware of. Looks 
very interresting and promising but I think AltRMI is currently 
not available for download, right? 

I will get me a note to check it out. Well most of the solutions have a
bunch of requirements like unable of method overloading or diffrences
between int and Integer mapping. There is another good looking
mechanism called dualserver which is a sourceforge project. But
the size is about 100kb or so. So it is not very handy for an applet.

What I am looking for is a replacement for this simple one (if one
exists). If there is a comparable solution I can may drop my affords
(not sure jet). But its so simple that I thought it can be provide use 
for everyone trying to connect two distributed bits both belonging to
the Java world.


Martin (Kersten)

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