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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [primitives] Permission to commit boolean collections
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 19:20:03 GMT
I was hoping that Rodney would reply. Anyway, these sound like sensible
enhancements to [primitives]. I am willing to review the classes you add.


From: "Alex Karasulu" <>
> I've written the Boolean equivalents for the collections we have in
> primitives.  Rather then just check them in I thought it might be proper
> ask first.
> I needed a ArrayBooleanList as well as the other primitives to finish off
> the set so I just created one.
> Also I have built stacks for all the primitive types.  Is it worth while
> checking those in as well?  Right now they're kind of out of place sitting
> within a BER decoder package I have here:
> /java/org/apache/snickers/ber/digester/?root=Apache-SVN
> There are the usual suspects:
> BooleanStack
> ByteStack
> CharStack
> ShortStack
> IntStack
> LongStack
> FloatStack
> DoubleStack
> I also thing these can be embellished somewhat.  We might want to extract
> interfaces from them and follow the same model of abstracting away the
> backing store as has been done with the List collections; namely
> the interface, having an abstract implementation, having concrete
> implementations with a real backing store, and even having some
> java.util.Stack decorators etc.
> Alex
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