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From <>
Subject Re: [Hivemind] ServiceImplementationFactory - no Exception (?)
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 05:14:47 GMT
Thanks for the answer.  I am sure I need to get my head 
around the whole picture some more.

My concern is mainly at load time.  You mentioned modules 
and descriptors...  Does HiveMind also load all services 
and implementations when the modules are loaded?  If that 
is the case, are you saying that the app is best off by 
checking all of the services initially, and providing some 
way to verify that everything is ok, say by checking for 
service != null.  That is workable.

The picture I walked away with was that the services would 
be created more on-demand, and each service / impl would 
have a lifecycle that may not mirror the startup / 
shutdown of the containing app.

Personally, I still don't like the idea of knowing that 
something went wrong because of a null result.  It makes 
it more difficult to determine the root case.  Of course, 
that is what LOG.error is for, I guess.  It would be nice 
to see a load-time exception of some sort, IMO.

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 22:34:54 -0500
  Harish Krishnaswamy <> wrote:
>Not throwing an exception is a conscious decision. 
>HiveMind is a microkernal to be thought of as a servlet 
>container - it loads all modules at startup and any 
>problems with the descriptors will be identified and 
>logged at load time but will continue to run. I can see 
>an exception being thrown at load time when there is a 
>problem but certainly disagree with the idea of throwing 
>exceptions at runtime. If a service is not loaded 
>properly you have two options - don't care or fix it and 
>reload it!
>Benjamin Tomasini wrote:
>>I have started to use Hivemind and have been successful 
>>in porting over
>>some existing work.  It is quite nice!  Very well thought 
>>out. Keeping
>>the service / proxy layer in place is cool.  
>>One suggestion so far...
>>I had a case where my service object from 
>>Registry.getService came back
>>null.  One of the services used the BuilderFactory.  I 
>>was getting a
>>log4j ERROR message, but no exception was thrown to my 
>>app.  It was a
>>simple runtime error - a typo in a config file.
>>Looking further, I see that 
>>the method
>>does not throw an exception or anything.
>>It seems that this prevents calling applications from 
>>knowing about
>>problems creating a service.  I could always check for 
>>null in the
>>service object, but this isn't quite right, IMO. 
>> Especially with the
>>lazy loading, I think burying any exception here is bad, 
>>especially for
>>apps that depend on a large number of services.
>>I would be willing to put some work into this and submit 
>>a patch if we
>>think we need some exception handling here.
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