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From Achim Huegen <>
Subject Re: [HiveMind] Re: Alternative module descriptors
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 09:26:24 GMT
>> Peanut gallery here. ;-)
>> Every web app already has XML parsing and manipulation available to it.
>> Adding a scripting language interpreter as well seems a bit heavyweight 
>> to
>> me.
> This is from out of left field since I haven't yet worked with Hivemind, 
> but perhaps
> if there was a pure Java API for setting up the configuration, people 
> could do it
> in any way that they wanted (Jython, Groovy, whatever).
> Maybe there could be some type of JavaBean hierarchy representing the 
> different
> services and extension points, etc.
> The XML configuration method could remain as a sensible default.

One of the main ideas of HiveMind and other
IOC Frameworks is that they try to be nonintrusive.
Neither your services nor the configuration classes need to know anything
about the framework that is used to set them up (in most cases).
If you did things right you can use pure Java or a scripting language for
setting up your system without any changes.
All you need to start would be a central registry for managing
and keeping the service instances (lets call it HashMap ;-) ).

If you take away the xml part of hivemind you will probably get
... a different framework.


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