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From Christian Essl <>
Subject Re: [HiveMind] Interceptors - CGLIB / Javassist comparison
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2004 18:37:10 GMT
Hi Harish,

I agree with you that HiveMind should provide a simpler (second) form to 
write interceptors.

But before you waste your weekend looking at my code I have to tell you 
that I did not use CGLIB but rather used Javassist to call 
MethodInterceptors. And this was a mistake CGLIB is certainly better for 

If you want to see how CGLIB is used take a look at one of the 
aop-frameworks dynaop, spring or nanning.

I persanlly like dynaop (while they use CGLIB 1) according to there 
website dynaop is faster than the others (even than JBoss aop - which uses 
Javassist). Dynaop is also well documented and not too complex - while you 
can learn a lot. To start look at the ProxyFactory.extend() method - as I 
see cglib is used only from in there - and take a look at the 
ClassProxyInvocationHandler and its super-class.

I hope this helps a bit (certainly more than my code).


On Fri, 05 Mar 2004 13:06:05 -0500, Harish Krishnaswamy 
<> wrote:

> Oops, sent to the wrong list!
> Harish Krishnaswamy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I decided to do some work on interceptors and wanted to find a suitable 
>> solution and so tried out CGLIB and Javassist and here are my initial 
>> findings.
>> 1. Ease-of-use / clarity / maintainability - Obviously here, anybody 
>> that has done a little bit of Javassist will agree that it is in no way 
>> comparable to CGLIB when it comes to ease-of-use. CGLIB is all plain 
>> Java and very straight forward and Javassist is on the other end of the 
>> spectrum - pieces of string literals patched together to form Java 
>> statements.
>> 2. Performance - This is interesting. CGLIB has a disadvantage here due 
>> to the number of parameters passed to the intercept method. It turns 
>> out, all of the overhead is because of these parameters that cannot be 
>> overcome (atleast AFAIK). With a single counter interceptor I could 
>> make Javassist as much as ~4 times as fast as CGLIB (~300% faster). And 
>> with more interceptors obviously Javassist is more faster. Now, if I 
>> insert a method call in the Javassist interceptor with 4 parameters, to 
>> my surprise the performance is identical to the CGLIB interceptor. 
>> Would be really nice if CGLIB can be designed around this problem.
>> 3. Limitations - There are quite a few limitations with Javassist that 
>> can be found on their website primary one for me being not able to 
>> debug instrumented classes. I have not come across any such limitations 
>> with CGLIB.
>> From this intial study, it looks to me that we certainly need a way to 
>> provide CGLIB interceptors to services. And that's what I'll be doing 
>> this weekend. I know Christian has already done some work on this, I'll 
>> see if I can reuse it.
>> -Harish
>> PS. I can post the code if anybody is interested.
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Christian Essl

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