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From Christian Essl <>
Subject Re: [HiveMind] HiveMind ideas - interceptor categories
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 18:00:10 GMT
Hi Harish,

My ordering suggestion was not a genius one, it should just make the 
current ordering a bit easier to use. I just thought if you had some 
standard-ordering numbers this would be enough for 80 % of the cases. The 
order-attribute would take for such standard numbers a string - like a 
constant. If this was not enough you could always assign an explicite 

Also for easier usage an interceptor-factory should (optional) give its 
default order number. Ie the logging-interceptor is by default on 500 a 
security interceptor on 10000.


On Thu, 04 Mar 2004 01:38:20 -0500, Harish Krishnaswamy 
<> wrote:

> Hi Christian,
> Welcome back!
> I know you have done some work on dynamic proxy interceptors before, I 
> shall take a look at it and see if it helps.
> As far as interceptor ordering, I really don't see the benefit. Could 
> you be more elaborate?
> -Harish
> PS. I am going to bed now, don't expect an immediate response ;)
> Christian Essl wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> Congratulations that Hivemind is back. Sorry that I haven't mailed 
>> before, but I was very busy and wasn't checking for HiveMind that often 
>> anymore. Especially I want to apologize with Howard, whoes mail I must 
>> have overseen.
>>>>> - Why use Javassist instead of dynamic proxies?
>>> I am yet to explore Javassist, but would certainly like to see some 
>>> comments comparing it to Cglib2. I have seen some great reviews for it 
>>> and not to mention its widespread use in other products.
>> In most cases I'm not a big fan of JavaAssist interceptors too. 
>> Furtunately HiveMind is very flexible. There is nothing which prevents 
>> an InterceptorFactory to return a dynamic-proxy, cglib-proxy etc. Maybe 
>> this could be better documented. However if you use this aproach you 
>> have the full dyna-proxy overhead for each interceptor. Therefore other 
>> aop-frameworks (Nanning, Dynaop, Spring - all use cglib) use 
>> interceptor chains. And of course this frameworks bring other stuff as 
>> well.
>> So what I imagine is an interceptor-factory which uses one of this 
>> aop-frameworks (my favorite would be dynaop) and is itself configured 
>> by a config-point. This would than be quite easy to use and would give 
>> HiveMind state-of-the-art AOP for nearly nothing. Such an aproach would 
>> also make HiveMind more ready to use normal Beans.
>> Interceptor-ordering:
>> Maybe a quick help would be to make the ordering-categories more 
>> explicit in the xml-config. So that you could use something like this: 
>> <interceptor service-id=".." order="security">. Maybe the 
>> ServiceInterceptorFactories could even provide a default-value.
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Christian Essl

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