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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject RE: [Configuration] Issue with subset and substitution
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 22:37:17 GMT
Eric Pugh wrote:

>> If you have a closer look, it is quite obvious, why it does not
>> work, since "subset" will mask now anything including the system
>> properties. It seems that the values were resolved first in the
>> previous version ...
>> Comments?

> I think you are right..  I update scarab ( to use the
> latest, and am having subset issues there as well...

I did not want to create an issue in first place, since I was not sure, if
such a resolving is really the "right" thing to do, but we should have a
look at the old implementation. Basically I like the SubsetConfiguration a
lot more than the old stuff. The (solved) problem with the
HierarchicalConfiguration is also just because of a design flaw there and
primilary not becasue of Subset itself.

Additionally I do not grok why the TestJNDIConfiguration now fails for the
getKeys call. It seems not to be different from the former implementation,
but I am sure, the tests did not fail previously.

I've created an BugZilla issue for the fixed POM though ...


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