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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [CLI] PatternOptionBuilder
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 18:19:52 GMT
> Moving to list for general info and to get any feedback from John.


> Thanks for checking.


 > Regarding v2 (all IMHO):
> 2.0 release plan?
> Several times now we've said "in a month" or "in a couple of months". 
> Personally I think I'm out of new features for now so I reckon it's time 
> to put a stake in the ground and get the docs up to speed.  Depending on 
> John's todo list (and calendar) I'm tempted to propose cutting a beta in 
> a week or so with a view to releasing 2.0 by end of April.


> 1.0 Bugfix release?
> I wasn't planning on doing so. I'd much rather evangelise and switch 
> people to cli2 as it more flexible and, more importantly, easier to 
> maintain.  Certainly should have a trawl through cvs to see if there are 
> changes enough to justify 1.1 though.
> Death to the 1.0 API?
> After recent discussions I think the conclusion was to ship the 1.0 API 
> but deprecate it.  There was also talk of separate jars for the two apis 
> but I think that'll depend on the size of the files involved and the 
> effort involved.

For me the point is ...I am currently writing about it.
Not sure if I should go for 2.0 branch already. And I am
also explainging the PatternOptionBuilder - which is
currently not fully working.

I'd be personally in favor of either maintaining the
1.0 branch for a longer while. Only doing bugfix releases.
Or include it into 2.0 API and deprecate it.

Anyway this tiny bug should be fixed. I'd do it!
But I don't have karma over here at jakarta.

> Hope that helps,

Yes, thanks alot Rob!


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