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From "" <>
Subject Re: validator & inheritance
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 03:04:50 GMT
This functionality would be very useful, especially for
internationalized forms. I would be willing to apply
any patches, given that it maintains
compatability. JUnit tests would also be needed.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nacho Gonzalez []> Here is the aproach I was thinking
of. I beleive there should only be 
> changes in no more than 2 classes and 1 file:
> validator.dtd:    <!ATTLIST form    name         CDATA #REQUIRED
>                                                       extends      CDATA 
> org.apache.commons.validator.Form (or Bean if it gets changed) should 
> reflect the change in the dtd and a pointer to the Form it extends (this 
> could probably be set int the formSet.process(Map) while iterating the 
> forms of the formSet)
> The methods getFields() and getFieldMap() should include 
> super.getFields() and super.getFieldMap() making them Unmodifiable after 
> merging.
> The only restriction would be that the extended form should belong to 
> the formSet but this definetely makes sense!
> If this makes sense to you, then I am willing to do it (as well as any 
> other necessary changes). If it doesn't make any sense, then I am 
> willing to contribute as I beleive this could be a great improvement.
> Nacho G. Mac Dowell

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