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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [subversion] Subversion for eXtreme Refactoring ( was [HiveMind] Discuss: CVS or Subversion?)
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 19:27:54 GMT
> CVS hackery was effectively an easy way to extend CVS.

You may be a CVS guru, but do you really want to know how many times someone
has crapped CVS by playing around with things they don't understand?  Not
directly related, perhaps, but we had to fix a problem just this past week
where someone started using the live CVS repository on minotaur for their
personal workspace.

> Lookinjg at the SVN repo, it looks a lot more complicated and will require
> far more in the way of effort to change, ie) writing [I assume] berkely db
> client code.

Subversion has several well-defined interfaces, including WebDAV/DeltaV.

> Branching and tagging in svn confuse me.

Branches and tags are just lightweight copies.  A branch and a tag are the
same thing.  Placing them under branches/ and tags/ are just conventions.
To quote the Subversion book:

  "Subversion has no internal concept of a branch-only copies.
   When you copy a directory, the resulting directory is only
   a "branch" because you attach that meaning to it. You may
   think of the directory differently, or treat it differently,
   but to Subversion it's just an ordinary directory that
   happens to have been created by copying."

To "tag" something, you make a copy of it.  If you started editing the copy
it is a "branch", otherwise it is a "tag".  The important thing is that you
used Subversion to copy, so that it tracks the file identity.

The book,, should answer many of your

> R/W setting of branches?

We use mod_authz_svn for that purpose.

> the bit that frustrates me is the SVN seems unable to work with
> basic WebDAV clients, which I think quite a few of us assumed
> when it talked about using WebDAV

> I can't mount a subversion repo as a virtual drive and commit
> by simply copying a new version of a file in

There is support for auto-versioning, but we may have it disabled.  One of
the issues with auto-versioning is that you don't get commit comments.  I
believe that DeltaV is the way out of it, but you would have to talk with
the Subversion folks.  In any event, it is a current limitation, not a
design point.

	--- Noel

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