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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [digester] can't resolve relative entities ?
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 12:09:43 GMT
I think Digester.parse( should do it for me, or?
(this method does build an input-source with correct URL, btw)
There's even, in the maven code, efforts towards making this an 
absolute path.

But the problem remains: if you look at the code of, 
there's nothing that keeps the URL of the file! And the call to the 
method configure() is without any parameter!

I do think, contrary to what Robert claims, that XML-compliance 
requires relative-system-id-entities to be resolved completely as long 
as we have a URL.


On 29-Mar-04, at 06:17 Uhr, Craig McClanahan wrote:

> One important ingredient in using relative references for entity 
> resolution is to use the appropriate Digester.parse() method.  If you 
> use the one that takes an InputStream, as an example, there is no way 
> for the SAX parser or Digester to know what the absolute URL of that 
> resource is, and therefore no way to resolve relative references.  On 
> the other hand, if you use the entry point that takes a URL, or a 
> (properly formatted) InputSource, then you are providing enough 
> information for the parser to resolve relative references without 
> doing anything else at all.

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