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From "Tim Reilly" <>
Subject RE: [id] UUID update
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 06:40:44 GMT
> Phil Steitz wrote:
> than updating the Apache license to 2.0. This is a good start. We need to
> get a better feel for stability / performance and some more eyeballs on
> this code, so I thought it best to get it into CVS now, even if we decide
> to refactor / repackage down the road. Thanks for the contribution.

It is a lot easier to talk about when it's under source control. The more
eyes for review the better, and as you mention below documenting the "why's"
will be helpful to that end. Let me know your thoughts on additional tests.
One I wanted to make sure of was the writes, and finalize in
ReadWriteFileImpl all happen as expected.

I imagine performance tests of anything using SecureRandom
(VersionFourGenerator, and InMemoryStateImpl) may be dismal due to
initialization. I think I did a static reference to the SecureRandom so it
should be the first time that takes a while. Some other strategies can be
built on top of what's there, like burst generation into a queue if need be.

> Some minimal xdocs, or more complete package documentation
> describing the
> implementation choices made would be a good thing to add about now.  Most
> of this is in the code or mail archives, but it would be good to get it
> into the package docs or xdocs.

Certainly. Hopefully, I can get this done as soon as possible - probably
within the next few of days, sooner if I can.

> If you have not been following all of the commons-dev build
> stuff, you may
> have missed that you now need to co jakarta-commons-sandbox/sandbox-build
> to get the maven build to work.

I did manage to catch-up on most of the list. I really appreciate Mark and
other's effort doing this, I didn't want to have to checkout the entire
commons tree or have to think about selecting which bits to checkout aside
from [id] - so the change is welcome in my book...checking out as two
eclipse projects is much smoother. It also alleviates my need for the
commons.project.extendsUri=../sandbox-build/ which I was changing locally.
Not sure if you want to keep it or not?

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