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From "Tim Reilly" <>
Subject RE: [VFS] test server
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 02:16:02 GMT
Sounds like VMWare or Virtual PC could be helpful here (just a thought.)
Of course, they are not free products etc, but you can test across OS's,
backup, and blow away configurations and the entire OS image is a file so it
can be backed up, copied, tweaked with impunity, shared (barring os
licensing of course.)
There's also the server products for VMWare that are IMO ideal for test
servers that could be useful for the type of infrastructure mentioned in
this thread.
[Anyone from VMWare listening - I accept PayPal ;P


PS} VSF is awesome; the Ant tasks made my day a while ago.
Just realized its not in the commons proper; but I was about to say:
Everytime I use a project that only supports local fs, or only ftp, or only
ssh, I'm puzzled as to why they didn't go with VSF.

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