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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] basic JAXB/jaxme tag library
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 08:43:42 GMT
OK, so that doesn't solve the distribution of namespace.jar then which 
is one or two interfaces just like was jaxp.jar... or do I 
misunderstand ?


On 8-Mar-04, at 22:54 Uhr, robert burrell donkin wrote:

> On 7 Mar 2004, at 23:18, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>> On 6-Mar-04, at 11:43 Uhr, robert burrell donkin wrote:
>>> he organized an apache licensed, clean room implementation of the 
>>> required API (it's distributed as the JaxMeAPI).
>> That sounds great (I presume it's already into the ibliblio 
>> repository) but... does this mean that such an API is something that 
>> sort of replaces the packages ?
>> If yes I fear this would be blatant violation of quite an amoount of 
>> Sun licenses (as far as I've understood them), otherwise, how can 
>> there be an interface with the interesting name ??
> (it's the jar that has an interesting name, not the classes. sorry for 
> being a bit unclear.)
> AIUI the sun license (for the JAXB specification) allows the creation 
> of API implementations (in the package space) from the 
> specification providing that they are pure (no extensions) and 
> compliant, clean room implementations of the specification. what isn't 
> allowed are works derived from the JAXB standard implementation (used 
> to be called the reference implementation).
> (IIRC the tomcat did something similar for one of the earlier servlet 
> specifications.)
> - robert
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