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Subject [Launcher] Requested change in Launcher.getBootstrapFile
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 20:26:47 GMT
I am trying to use the Launcher from a class running in a WAS 5.0 Web App.

I ran into a problem when the Launcher.start is trying to get the Bootstrap
File for use in determining the canonical path for its default launch file.

The problem is that the code
	boolean isJar = "jar".equals(resource.getProtocol()) ? true : false;

Does not evaluate to true when running in the WAS Web App.  The reason is
that the protocol returned is "wsjar".

I would like to suggest changing the above line of code to:
	boolean isJar = (resource.getProtocol().indexOf("jar") >= 0) ? true
: false;

Marcus Mosttler

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