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From (Jeffrey D. Brekke)
Subject Re: [net] [vote] Release Commons-Net 1.2
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 03:28:22 GMT

+1 to the 1.2 release.  

I just committed changes to the build to use the commons-build stuff.
I've also pushed out the site.  Let me know anyone sees any problems
with it.

>>>>> On Sun, 28 Mar 2004 14:53:24 -0600, Steve Cohen <>

> I would like to try and get a 1.2 release out the door, but the last
> time I tried, it died for want of a second.  I recognize that I was
> probably throwing too many votes for you to deal with and trying to
> do too much at once, in a self-imposed time-frame of frantically
> trying to get things done before I started working again.
> Ironically, I've probably accomplished more for commons-net since I
> started working again in February than I was accomplishing at the
> end of January.

> Anyway, here's what we've got for this release:

> 1.  Refactoring in January of the whole Entry Parser thing.  I think
> this is much more solid and intuitive than it used to be.

> 2.  Autodetection of system type - a BIG feature for the Ant user
> community and others.  We missed the last Ant release and I'd like
> not to miss another.

> 3.  I fixed all of the bugs that the functional tests contributed by
> Jeff Brekke in February uncovered.

> 4.  We have a new parser! OS400, contributed by Mario Ivankovits.

> 5.  A few miscellaneous bug fixes.

> One thing I never did get nailed down was 1.1 compatibility.  There
> were issues with running under a JDK 1.1 JVM that I just couldn't
> solve.  I asked on this list, but no one responded.  But I think
> this is a relatively low priority, more of a "nice to have" than a
> prerequisite for a 1.2 release.  We have a label for 1.1
> compatibility and can always work off that to prepare a 1.1 release
> when someone is able to address these issues, which are contained in
> the attached zip file.  For all I know these issues may be nothing
> more than an incorrect JDK 1.1 setup under Linux (1.1 java compilers
> for Linux came not from Sun but from Blackdown and were less stable
> than the Windows releases).

> Anyway, I would like to raise once again the issue of moving to a
> 1.2 release of commons-net.  Please let's capitalize on the momentum
> we have.  I will not bug you guys with a lot of votes.

> Steve

> PS. Note to Daniel Savarese: I originally tried to raise this issue
> in an off-list email to you and Jeff Brekke.  However, two attempts
> at that have bounced back to me since yesterday.  I don't know why,
> but there appears to be some issue with your email address.

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