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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: Icons - [Vote][all] migrate top level commons site to mavenized version.
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 03:57:44 GMT
The tough part is that the Jakarta Logo is "overly" short in terms of 
height. Its difficult to "pack" all that content needed into a space of 
"48 pixels" of height and the jakarta logo itself is overly wide and 
"hogs up" most of the horizontal real estate of the  banner area.

1.) reduce the horizontal dimension of the jakarta logo
(360px is approx 1/2 800px with 40px of margin to spare).

2.) increase the vertical dimension of the jakarta logo.

3.) standardize the height and width of the commons logos so that they 
fit well within a 800x600 resolution screen.

horizontal: (360px is approx 1/2 800px with 40px of margin to spare).
vertical: (80px)

for instance, I've forced the dimensions in the html of the index.html 
page of the mavenized site, the images look crappy due to the resize, 
ignore that, mostly compare the dimensions and identify if you feel they 
are tolerable.


Stephen Colebourne wrote:

>>It would be nice if the icons (particularly the Jakarta one) were a bit
>>smaller, so that they both fit in a default-sized browser window. Right
>>now, when I bring this up, I see "jakarta commo" with the trailing "o"
>>partially clipped off. (This is IE6 on Win2K.)
> Pretty much all the icons should be smaller - no taller than the
> Jakarta/Apache logo, and no wider than necessary to fit a 'typical' browser
> width.
> I wish maven had a default 'html text logo' option, as thats all we really
> want - CSS stylized text.
> Stephen
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