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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: Icons - [Vote][all] migrate top level commons site to mavenized version.
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 03:27:28 GMT
In an effort to support creativity while maintaining some 
standardization. I would recommend that we only enforce the dimensions 
of the image and not its content.

For simplicity, the current strategy involves taking the "commons" logo 
or its gimp file from the top level and modifying its contents to create 
a subprojects logo. For instance, in the Math project, we currently 
maintain a photoshop file of the math project logo, which is a "commons" 
layer plus a "math" layer, this allows those who wish to experiment with 
the logo to work easily with the layers of whats there, this is the 
similar idea with the gimp file. I think we should add a photoshop 
version of this file for those who aren't using gimp as an image editor.

Heres the gimp file:

Here's our photoshop file for math

Feel free to experiment.


David Graham wrote:
> I agree that the logos should be no taller than the Apache logo.  Since
> we're on the topic:  is there a how-to doc on how to generate a logo for
> each project?  I've found the original gimp file for some projects but
> couldn't figure out how to modify it.  The Validator and DbUtils logos
> look really lame at the moment.
> David
> --- Stephen Colebourne <> wrote:
>>>It would be nice if the icons (particularly the Jakarta one) were a
>>>smaller, so that they both fit in a default-sized browser window.
>>>now, when I bring this up, I see "jakarta commo" with the trailing "o"
>>>partially clipped off. (This is IE6 on Win2K.)
>>Pretty much all the icons should be smaller - no taller than the
>>Jakarta/Apache logo, and no wider than necessary to fit a 'typical'
>>I wish maven had a default 'html text logo' option, as thats all we
>>want - CSS stylized text.
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