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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject [VFS] test-server and some vfs modifications
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 06:41:54 GMT

I might came up again with this topic.

I do have an User-Mode-Linux Server ready and the currently available 
VFS tests passed correctly.

I made some modifications to VFS:
1) rename file (on same filesytem only, else a copyFrom/delete will be 
2) push configruation to file-system layer (e.g. possible to configure 
ftp active/passiv connection, ....)
2.1) FTP: set ftp-file-entry parser
2.2) SFTP: set user-info class (ask for password, passphrase, new (not 
known) host)
3) append to file
4) fixed smb: a trailing "/" is required when operating with directories
5) fixed ftp: issue a "cd /" when open a connection. This make a defined 
state where the root is. (real root - not user-home)

The next things i would like to do:
1) add tests for the new features
2) new cache strategie - maybe pluggable

How can we go further?
Is there a possibillity to install the UML on an server to allow nightly 
tests for VFS, or - at least - might it be possbile to upload the image, 
so everyone with an linux-box is able to start the tests too?
Who is willing to commit the patches?
If no one is interrested, what can i do to become a commiter?

-- Mario

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