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From Nacho Gonzalez <>
Subject validator & inheritance
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 21:10:36 GMT
Here is the aproach I was thinking of. I beleive there should only be 
changes in no more than 2 classes and 1 file:

validator.dtd:    <!ATTLIST form    name         CDATA #REQUIRED
                                                      extends      CDATA 

org.apache.commons.validator.Form (or Bean if it gets changed) should 
reflect the change in the dtd and a pointer to the Form it extends (this 
could probably be set int the formSet.process(Map) while iterating the 
forms of the formSet)

The methods getFields() and getFieldMap() should include 
super.getFields() and super.getFieldMap() making them Unmodifiable after 

The only restriction would be that the extended form should belong to 
the formSet but this definetely makes sense!

If this makes sense to you, then I am willing to do it (as well as any 
other necessary changes). If it doesn't make any sense, then I am 
willing to contribute as I beleive this could be a great improvement.

Nacho G. Mac Dowell

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