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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] test server
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 10:26:29 GMT
Michael Davey wrote:

>> What if we start by adding various configuration files to VFS to 
>> start up your own test-server.
>> The configuration files should be based on:
>> 1) Apache 2.0 (for http and webdav)
>> 2) Samba 3.0 (for smb)
>> 3) openssh 3.7 (for sftp)
>> 4) vsftpd (for ftp) (well any other ftpd would do it too)
> I'd prefer to see an independant test server set up, but lets take a 
> look at this. 

For sure, this might be nice, but i think there are so much questions: 
security, maintainance of the server, rollback if something went wrong 
on the server .... even if we use vmware, who should copy the image back 
when there are more then 4 projects using this server and eventually 
have to change the configuration?

Maybe this is nothing what could work in the near future.

> For http, we could
> write a very simple class that provides an http listener thread and 
> returns the appropriate test file
> when requested. I'm sure I have some sample code somewhere that does 
> just this.  How difficult
> would it be to do the same for 2, 3 and 4 (I don't know)?  Then, the 
> test classes could create the
> mini-servers during testing and destroy them afterwards.

Nice idea, fore sure.
But the protocols arent that simple. You could not simply present some 
captured protocol snipplets. And even if you manage to do so, the test 
should simulate the "real life" and therefore it should run against the 
real server.
E.g. if there is a new webdav module for apache, we would like to simply 
replace it and run the tests again to see if everyting works fine.
Even if VFS itself could not made be responsible if such a test fail, it 
could help the other projects to debug such situation.


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