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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] test server
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 07:06:02 GMT
matthew.hawthorne wrote:

> The problem with these types of things is the variations in OS, FTP 
> servers, HTTP servers, etc.  It's impossible to test all of them and 
> that's where the users are incredibly valuable.  But, even if we could 
> say we're going to test with Apache 2.0 and some version of say, 
> wu-ftpd, we could at least have a simple setup to ensure that things 
> work.

In the case of VFS i think it is not so important to have all the 
different OS and servers.
VFS itself uses [net] [webdav] [httpclient] and so on to access the 
physical filesystem.
So primary it is up to these project to keep things working against 
different OS.

To start with such a server for VFS i think it is sufficient to have a 
small number of daemons running to test the main functions of VFS.

Later the other projects could install other daemons to test the 
different behaviour of their packages, but i think this is out of scope 
of VFS.

What if we start by adding various configuration files to VFS to start 
up your own test-server.

The configuration files should be based on:
*) Apache 2.0 (for http and webdav)
*) Samba 3.0 (for smb)
*) openssh 3.7 (for sftp)
*) vsftpd (for ftp) (well any other ftpd would do it too)

For Apache, openssh and xxftpd we could use a port other than 80. That 
way these servers are able to coexist with already running instances.

I could have a look at it.

However, who will be the commiter of all the new things comming to VFS ?-)


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