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From "matthew.hawthorne" <>
Subject Re: [VFS] test server
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 22:57:56 GMT
Michael Davey wrote:
>> I fiddle with it once in a while as we'd like to use it in our product.
>> Understand that testing VFS properly is a pain as one needs to set up a
>> WWW server, FTP server, etc.
> Perhaps we could investigate the possibility of having a VFS test server 
> set up
> permanently - that way users could run the tests using their own builds 
> against
> the test server.
> I guess it wouldn't have to be a powerful server.  If the entire disk 
> image was
> no more than 600MB, we could even burn a backup to CD and get the system
> to rebuild itself periodically to address security concerns.

Even an internal server that committers could test against would be a 
good start, if the security issues made it impossible to host a public 
server.  Publicly exposing something like that for testing might be too 
large of a task anyway.  There are probably quite a few projects 
(fileupload, net) that would benefit from it.

The problem with these types of things is the variations in OS, FTP 
servers, HTTP servers, etc.  It's impossible to test all of them and 
that's where the users are incredibly valuable.  But, even if we could 
say we're going to test with Apache 2.0 and some version of say, 
wu-ftpd, we could at least have a simple setup to ensure that things work.

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