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From Christopher Schuck <>
Subject Re: [math]Re: [releases] lacking releases for .... Was: [sandbox] report
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 05:25:42 GMT

Thank you for the info, I'll start with the code review and javadoc. It 
sounds like you need help there, and it'll give me a chance to learn the 
  codebase, so it's a good place to start. Later this week 
(Thursday/Friday) I'll look at the other items to see what I can best 
contribute on there. I'll try to keep the dumb newbie questions to a 
minimum. :)


Phil Steitz wrote:
> Chris,
> The TODO list and "Straw Man Release Plan" here:
> provide a decent summary of what we need to do to get a 1.0 release out the
> door.  Right now, we are pretty much focussed on cleaning up what we have
> so that we can make an intitial release and then get on to some new stuff. 
> Depending on your interest / background / tolerance for things like
> documentation, testing, etc., I would suggest that you start on one or more
> of the following. All have essentially equal priority, since all must be
> done prior to release.
> 1. Code and javadoc review -- there are lots of errors and broken links in
> the javadoc and we need to get through all of this.  Pick any package and
> start reviewing / submitting patches / fixing broken links.  We need to get
> everything up to the standard specified in the "Documentation" section
> here:
> If you look at, for example, the random or distribution packages, the
> javadoc is not in bad shape; but other packages need significant work.
> Obviously, a key part of this task is verifying that the code and tests
> match the javadoc.
> 2. User Guide contributions.  If you know basic stat, filling in the
> missing sections on Bivariate Regression and/or Statistical Tests in
> stat.xml would be great.  The Utilities section also needs to be written.
> Let me know if you are going to work on anything in the User Guide so that
> we don't step on each other.
> 3. Test path and boundary value coverage improvements. If you have access
> to R or S, for example, or have a numerics background, it would be very
> helpful to do more validation testing using extreme values, badly
> conditioned problems, etc.  Here again, let us know what you are working on
> if you decide to take some of this on.
> 4. Do the research, evaluate the patch here:
> and either submit a patch or recommend closing the spline implementation
> issue as WONTFIX.  Test cases and good references describing the proposed
> algorithms will be necessary to close this.
> 5. RealMatrix Solve issue. What is going on here is that the solve() method
> of the RealMatrix interface enables you to solve a linear system whose
> coefficient matrix is the RealMatrix instance.  The current implementation
> uses LU decomposition, which is a good general method, but when you get
> down to it the best solution method depends on the system, so it would be
> good to make the solution method pluggable.  That is the problem statement.
>  If you dig into the code, you will see that the LU decomposition is cached
> and used for multiple things (e.g. determinant computation, singularity
> testing) and there are some efficiencies that result from this.  I would
> not want to lose these efficiencies by fully separating the decomposition.
> 6. Critical assessment of the APIs from a usability and extensibility
> standpoint. I would really like to hold onto the 1.0 target, which means
> that the APIs need to be stable and easily extensible without breaking
> backward compatability.
> If you have any problems getting set up, submitting patches, figuring out
> maven, etc., don't hesitate to ask for help. Thanks in advance.
> Phil
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Christopher Schuck

"If you have no voice, SCREAM; if you have no legs, RUN; if you have no 
hope, INVENT" - Alegria

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