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From Eric MacAdie <>
Subject Re: [math]Re: [releases] lacking releases for .... Was: [sandbox] report
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 06:54:30 GMT
I am starting to look at R for validating the stats functions. I also 
found a site with some data sets, but I have not looked at them yet.

I took a few weeks to read some books from the library about the kinds 
of jobs that math majors can get. It was  very interesting reading. I 
wish there were more books like that when I was in high school.


Phil Steitz wrote:

> The following coding/doco items are all still open:
> a. Finish the User Guide
> b. Finalize and execute RealMatrix solve() strategy
> c. Finalize and execute spline changes
> d. Extend certified data tests with tests against R or other sources 
> (need to finalize what is included here)
> e. Review API and fix broken links and other errors in javadoc
> f. Improve path and boundary value test coverage
> g. Finalize and implement "BeanList" stats
> I have been making slow progress on a, d, e, and f.  Javadoc review 
> has raised a few additional API issues (e.g. RealSolver refactoring) 
> and I am sure that more will surface as I make my way through all of 
> the code.  I have been extremely time constrained recently, but 
> hopefully this will improve "soon."  Volunteer help on any of the 
> items above -- especially code/API review -- would be much appreciated.
> Phil

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