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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [all][site] Site menu proposal
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 00:30:53 GMT
Dirk Verbeeck wrote:

> Hi all
> I have made a mavenized commons site with an alternative menu structure 
> to the current proposal (

I wouldn't call it a proposal as much as a first top level site 
deployment attempt ;-)

> The page content has to be updated but I wanted to show the menu first.
> and as example I have also rendered the DBCP component site:
> As you can see the general pages and the component site have a very 
> similar menu structure. The common site has a download, CVS & related 
> top menus where the component site has a component specific top level 
> menu (including a specific download page) & Project Documentation.
> I collapsed the components & sandbox menus. If a direct link from the 
> homepage to each component is needed then I propose a table on the page 
> itself like on the jakarta homepage.
> Now you have to click on the components/sandbox menu item and then 
> select a component (2 clicks).
> Comments?

Don't take this personally, I want to thank you first for exploring this 
and we all appreciate any effort in this area. Eventually the solution 
will arise.

I get tired of the separation between the "Custom pages" of a project 
and its "Project Documentation". My major complaint is that these are at 
separate ends of the navigation menu. I would like to see all of a 
projects documentation in one structure, or at least one right after the 
other in the navigation (this was my goal in breaking them off into 
their own navigation bar).

I don't like the collapsible menus, having to do two clicks to get to a 
commons project without a table of projects on the main page is tedious. 
Even in the case of the Project Documentation section, I find the 
collapsed navigation somewhat tedious for such a short list of items.

If we do have a table of projects on the main page, it makes the 
components listing in the navigation menu a duplication of the same 
information. Information that is only visible on the front page of the 
site (because it is collapsed when navigating any subprojects). If that 
is the case, then both the components and sandbox navigation items are 
not very beneficial at all.

If it were expanded when inside the projects, because its above the 
projects menu items, it wouldn't solve the issues of having too much 
content above the projects custom and project documentation navigation 

I'm not trying to be a A-hole, just giving an honest critique based on 
my opinion. Thanks for working on this. I think its really starting to 
come along.


Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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