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From John Keyes <>
Subject [cli] v1 & v2 API compatibility
Date Sun, 07 Mar 2004 23:01:38 GMT
I spent today looking at realizing the v1 API with the v2 runtime.
After making some progress, I started to wonder was there any compeling
reason to do so.

Therefore, I propose to branch the v1 code and put it into maintanence
mode.  This will allow us to merge the v2 branch to the mainline
(assuming it gets approval). I don't see this as being much of an
overhead but I would like to hear what others think before putting this
to a vote.  I assume a decision of this nature requires a vote as it is
almost like proposing a new subproject.

This would also allow us to keep the org.apache.commons.cli package for
both versions.


-John K

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