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From Harish Krishnaswamy <>
Subject Re: [Hivemind] Tapestry/HttpSession service
Date Sun, 07 Mar 2004 02:28:10 GMT
Have you looked into the ThreadLocalStorage?


Geoff Longman wrote:

>The content of this message crosses boundaries so I'm cc'ing Tapestry dev
>I have a real problem in a Tapestry application and I'm wondering if another
>'flavour' of Hivemind service approach would be applicable.
>We have a Tapestry app that has many hundreds of pages. Different groups of
>pages need to share different sets of information. We have tried using the
>Visit  to share data and have also tried explicity passing things between
>pages but both methods are less than ideal..
>The visit approach ends up being like a big hashtable. Explicity passing
>data via method calls leads to coupling between pages.
>What would be nice is a service that is not only pooled, but is peristent in
>the Tapestry way, i.e. the value of certain fields in the service are
>private to one user session.
>An example implementation could be a Wizard that uses 5 pages to build a new
>customer record in a database.
>If the service I described was doable, each page could access a
>NewCustomerWizard service, read data from it and set data in it. The
>NewCustomerWizardService could minimally reply to questions like:
>- Can the wizard finish?
>- What's the next page to show?
>- What's the previous page to show?
>Thus, the pages could interact individually with the service and not be
>coupled to one another.
>In fact, a menu component could interrogate the NewCustomerWizardService
>also to get the first page to show in order to start the Wizard. Plus, the
>service could keep track of all the pages used so far and if the user
>clicked 'Finish' or 'Cancel', the service could respond with the list of
>seen pages for cleanup purposes (forgetPage()).
>Is this wishful thinking?
>Geoffrey Longman
>Intelligent Works Inc.
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