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Subject Re: [HiveMind] multi-module classloader
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 15:13:03 GMT
 > I just wanted to post this in case anyone else was interested and to 
draw any
 > criticism about how this could mess something
 > up or trigger armageddon. It allows a list of hivemodule.xml 
locations to be defined
 > in a .property file.
 > I reason I wanted this was because I really wanted to split up the 
descriptors but
 > still wanted all the code in the same
 > Eclipse project.


I see the need for such a list of modules too. I would suggest to use 
xml as file format (it can't be
denied that hivemind is xml centric). Such a 'directory' file could look 
like this:

  <module fileName="testA/module1.xml" />
  <module fileName="testB/module2.xml" />

This could be the same file format that is used for 'breaking the one 
jar == one module" approach, like Howard put it in this posting:

Such a directory could be found by file naming conventions 
(META-INF/hivedir.xml) or it could be referenced from a manifest file.


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