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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [all] Which website entity?
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 20:46:27 GMT
I did alot of tweeking this morning, I changed over the navigation.xml 
files we change to use your dtd inclusion, I added another entity called 
common-menus that just has all the ones we want in place, all commons 
projects have the commons-site.jsl referenced in thier as:


You may have already been building with it unknowingly, there a re very 
small differences between it and Mavens default site.jsl, as I took a 
copy of it and hardcoded the css styles and fixed soem of the menu 
ordering code (which was broken).


Dirk Verbeeck wrote:
> As long as the result is the same I don't really care much about exactly 
> how it is done, I'll going to experiment with the commons-site.jsl 
> solution more this weekend.
> -- Dirk
> Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>> As a plausable solution, rebuilding the 
>> commons-build/xdocs/navigation.xml and commons-build/navi_incl.xml 
>> document to draw its contents from the menu "ent" files. Set the types 
>> of the "about menu" to "header" and the rest to "footer". These 
>> attributes are used in the commons-site.jsl to separate the rendering 
>> of the navigation menus as so:
>> <jsl:applyTemplates select="$nav/body/menu[@type='header']"/>
>> <jsl:applyTemplates select="$nav/body/menu[not(@type)] | 
>> $nav/body/search"/>
>> <jsl:applyTemplates select="$projectNav/body/menu"/>
>> <jsl:applyTemplates select="$nav/body/menu[@type='footer']"/>
>> This means that any menu of type "header" comes before "no type" or 
>> search, which comes before the type footer.
>> This means that it doesn't matter the order for which they are added 
>> to the navigation.xml as entities and they can even be added to the 
>> navigation.xml as one entity and still show up either above or below 
>> the various project navigation and menu items added by the project.
>> -Mark
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Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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