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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [digester] @author tag tidyup
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 19:46:59 GMT
i quite like author tags for aesthetic reasons :)

the reason why i favour including a link is that (judging from the 
volume of personal email i've received from users over the years) there 
are still quite a few users who don't know how to find the existing ASF 
resources. i'm not really sure whether i prefer the link targeting the 
jakarta mail page, the jakarta commons page or the main jakarta page, 

- robert

On 30 Mar 2004, at 22:51, matthew.hawthorne wrote:

> Gary Gregory wrote:
>>> I'd actually prefer to just get rid of the @author line entirely.  If
>>> we're going to keep it, though, the link should really point at
>>> something useful, like perhaps the home page of the Digester website.
>>  For projects that choose to follow the Board recommendation of not 
>> using
>> personal @author tags, it would be nice to have a consistent format
>> across Jakarta.
>> For codec, we now use:
>> * @author Apache Software Foundation
>> I am not sure why this string and not something project specific with 
>> an
>> href.
> If the @author tag doesn't refer to an individual, I think the easiest 
> bet would be to just remove them.
> "@author Apache Software Foundation" -- this is restating the obvious. 
> Unless incubator projects would refer to the original author, and not 
> Apache?  In that case, it may make sense.
> (example) "@author Jakarta Commons Codec Team" -- also very redundant. 
> Who else would have written it?
> Anyone who commits or submits patches to the project already knows who 
> the "official" author is, and also the individuals who actually wrote 
> the code behind the scenes.  So, the target audience for these new 
> @author tags seems to be people who are unfamiliar with Jakarta 
> Commons.
> Now, seeing as though these people will probably be viewing the 
> JavaDoc at:
> Isn't it redundant to include an href to:
> in each file?
> I say let's get rid of the @author tags and save ourselves some work.
> I may be misunderstanding some political issues here, maybe?
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