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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [net] [vote] Release Commons-Net 1.2
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 12:47:25 GMT
I think you may be referring to something said by a user last week, in which 
he "solved" the problem by configuring his NT FTP server to use the "Unix 
display format".  I didn't know before that that was an option.  What I still 
don't know is if one takes that option, does the SYST command return 
"Windows" or "Unix"?  If it's the former, then we have a problem.   It's not 
an unsolvable problem because you can always use the form of listFiles() that 
takes a parser class name or a different SYST value (e.g. listFiles("UNIX") ) 
as a parameter, although you can't at present do this from Ant.  (But adding 
this capability to Ant is what I'm striving towards.)

A little investigation would be good here.  But we need to remember the point 
of autodetection.  It's not foolproof, can't be foolproof, since it depends 
on SYST identification which is not necessarily cast in stone.  It is an 
attempt to raise the default success rate of using listFiles() out of the box 
from maybe 90% to 98%, by autodetecting other cases, the most common of which 
is Windows but also OS2, VMS, OS400, etc.  So while we need to strive to 
become as good as possible, I don't think we'll ever hit 100%.  FTP is too 
loosely specced for that to happen.

Default falling back to unix if other methods fail would involve a much more 
complex mechanism in which the program would have to decide ("this isn't 
working") and try something else.  While I wouldn't totally rule that out, I 
don't at present feel there is enough solid information to justify that 

On Sunday 28 March 2004 11:59 pm, Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> +1
> >2.  Autodetection of system type - a BIG feature for the Ant user
> > community and others.  We missed the last Ant release and I'd like not to
> > miss another.
> There is a littly thing whe should try to enhance in the future.
> Using "Windows" for the NTFTPEntryParser is too strict as it might
> depend on a "directory listing format" which is configureable.
> Maybe a automatic fallback to UnixFTPEntryParser might help here?
> -- Mario
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