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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject [net] [vote] Release Commons-Net 1.2
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 20:53:24 GMT
I would like to try and get a 1.2 release out the door, but the last 
time I tried, it died for want of a second.  I recognize that I was 
probably throwing too many votes for you to deal with and trying to do too 
much at once, in a self-imposed time-frame of frantically trying to get things 
done before I started working again.  Ironically, I've probably accomplished 
more for commons-net since I started working again in February than I was 
accomplishing at the end of January.

Anyway, here's what we've got for this release:

1.  Refactoring in January of the whole Entry Parser thing.  I think this is 
much more solid and intuitive than it used to be.

2.  Autodetection of system type - a BIG feature for the Ant user community 
and others.  We missed the last Ant release and I'd like not to miss another.

3.  I fixed all of the bugs that the functional tests contributed by Jeff 
Brekke in February uncovered.

4.  We have a new parser! OS400, contributed by Mario Ivankovits.

5.  A few miscellaneous bug fixes.

One thing I never did get nailed down was 1.1 compatibility.  There were 
issues with running under a JDK 1.1 JVM that I just couldn't solve.  I asked 
on this list, but no one responded.   But I think this is a relatively low 
priority, more of a "nice to have" than a prerequisite for a 1.2 release.  We 
have a label for 1.1 compatibility and can always work off that to prepare a 
1.1 release when someone is able to address these issues, which are contained 
in the attached zip file.  For all I know these issues may be nothing more 
than an incorrect JDK 1.1 setup under Linux (1.1 java compilers for Linux 
came not from Sun but from Blackdown and were less stable than the Windows 

Anyway, I would like to raise once again the issue of moving to a 1.2 release 
of commons-net.  Please let's capitalize on the momentum we have.  I will not 
bug you guys with a lot of votes.


PS. Note to Daniel Savarese:  I originally tried to raise this issue in an 
off-list email to you and Jeff Brekke.  However, two attempts at that have 
bounced back to me since yesterday.  I don't know why, but there appears to 
be some issue with your email address.

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